New Burro & Bull barbecue joint now open in Cypress

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John and Veronica Avila have built their restaurant business on the idea that the best food in Texas reflects the diverse places from which it originated. They call this “smoked Texana,” which is the premise of their new Burro & Bull restaurant in Cypress. Indeed, the first thing you see when entering the restaurant is a mural defining the restaurant’s point of view.

— J.C. Reid

Houston’s Henderson & Kane Offers Stellar Brisket Tacos, Tamales, and Sundry Other Treats

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Like Saenz Tamales and Barbecue, Henderson & Kane (and soon El Burro and the Bull, the Avila couple’s other venture that’s set to open by week’s end in Cypress) also sells fresh tamales filled with brisket. The aroma of smoked beef and masa is a foundational memory for Avila. The pitmaster and co-owner says his grandparents weren’t in this business to sell the brisket as barbecue. Rather, the Saenzes made smoked brisket as a tamale filling. “I grew up smelling smoked brisket and masa,” he says wistfully. “When I smell those, it’s not really barbecue that I think of. I think of the inside of their little cantina.

— J.R. Ralat

Henderson & Kane: BBQ con memoria y sabor de México

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Este reconocido restaurante del área de Houston nos muestra de dónde viene su esencia.

— Henderson & Kane